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How to become a phone sex operator. Could this be the career path for you?

Working as a phone sex operator is great fun as well as a great source of income. The working hours are flexible, and the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives can be truly rewarding.

Think about it: You can spend time with your family, have a break from your stressful job, or get a thrill from just chatting with guys while they’re masturbating. It’s never been easier, or more fun.

What’s the catch? Well, it’s not really a normal job, and you probably won’t ever get rich as a phone sex operator. However, it’s very possible to make a good living as a free website phone sex operator.

The basics of phone sex

Phone sex is simply dirty talk over the phone. You can make phone sex calls on your mobile phone, PC, tablet, or any device.

Unlike other sexual occupations, phone sex operator is not a profession, it’s a job.

However, we think it’s one of the most fun jobs on the planet. If you’re one of those people who get a buzz out of talking dirty, or don’t really get into the whole sex stuff, then this job might be perfect for you.

There’s a lot of information online about what to expect from a phone sex operator. Phone sex isn’t really for everyone, so you may have to just try it yourself.

The basic rules of the trade

There’s always a few basic rules of the trade that apply.

Always be sure to tell your callers what you charge for your services.

Never tell your callers not to jerk off while you’re talking to them. You’re not a mind reader, and it’s better to let the guys listen and touch themselves while you speak. You can provide helpful hints.

Make sure you have the right settings for your phone so callers can hear you clearly. For example, don’t use a cheap mobile. Even inexpensive, decent mobile phones will be just fine for phone sex calls.

Make sure you set your callers up for a good time by introducing yourself or your voice correctly, giving your callers a good introduction, telling them how sexy you are.

How To Get Started

One of the biggest challenges is not being able to try it before you commit to it. However, the good news is that you don’t need to go through any sort of training program to become a phone sex operator. Once you’ve decided to give it a go, all you need is a quiet place to call from and a working phone.

Next, you’ll need to decide how often you want to call, whether you want to work full-time or part-time, and what type of job you’d like to pursue.

If you’re completely new to the phone sex business, you can do a couple of stints before deciding if you want to keep it up.

We suggest calling an average of two to three times a week. Each conversation usually lasts around 30 minutes.

It’s a great idea to start out with calling mobile-only jobs and with local callers, as those are the most popular. You don’t have to worry too much about billing, because these types of jobs pay per minute.

Getting Paid

Usually, the rate you’ll be paid depends on your experience. In case you don’t know what the rate is for the job you’re doing, check out the average and sign up with one of the more reputable and higher paying sites. You can still do it the old fashioned way: find a job site where you can list your services and work your way up through the pay tiers until you reach the top of the list.

Depending on your preferences and the type of jobs you work with, you can make as much as $250,000 a year from your phone sex work.

However, because this is a hard industry to break into, you’ll usually only make a few thousand dollars per month. If you start out part-time, you can get away with working anywhere from a few to over 20 hours a week.

The best option is to start part-time and then gradually work your way up the ladder to a full-time position.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review

The Stress-Free Golf swing was created by Jeff Richmond of

There is an interesting story to the creation of this swing because Jeff claims he accidentally discovered a secret move that Ben Hogan made in his golf swing.

Jeff says he made this discovery on the 5th of March, 2015.

Jeff knows the exact date because the discovery was made when he was analyzing 23 great golfers swings for a blog post he was doing, to see how much head movement great golfers have in their swings.

The move Jeff found Ben Hogan does is completely contrary to what is traditionally taught in the golf swing, and after discovering it Jeff was keen to try it himself.

After trying the move Jeff played a game a week later and hit 14 greens in regulation.

Then for the next 8 months, Jeff continued to use the move and averaged 12 greens in regulation over that period, up from an average 10 greens in regulation.

Ben Hogans

After another great ball-striking game in October, Jeff decided to make this move public.

He waited so long because he didn’t believe Ben Hogan had a secret that would work for everyone.

But Jeff realized that his continued great results could not be denied.

So he put his discovery into a detailed PDF and made some videos to show how to do this move, and announced it to his 100,000+ golfers that follow him, for them to try.

But he only put it on the market for 7 days, to get a small test group of golfers to test it out and to see if the secret move would work for them as well as it did for Jeff.

This took place on the 20th of November, 2015.

On the 28th of January, 2016 Jeff emailed the testers for their feedback, and the results astounded Jeff.

A small selection of the results from those golfers can be seen here.

So what is the one secret move?

Due to copyright rules and regulations, I’m unable to disclose details of the secret discovered.

But I can say that the one secret move goes completely against what is taught traditionally in the golf swing. And this one swing secret makes timing a lot easier.

Jeff provides proof of Ben Hogan before the accident and after the accident showing this magic move, which I like.

As Ben Hogan said about his secret, “it’s easy to spot if you know where to look”.

And it is very easy to spot.

When you get the Stress-Free Golf swing you get a PDF and videos that show you how to do this move.

It’s a very simple move in theory, but for most people, it will take a bit of getting used to, as it’s a contrary move to what is taught in the golf swing and what pretty much every golfer would be used to.

But when you get this one move, the results are amazing.

  • The golf swing is much easier to time and perfect.
  • The golf swing becomes simple and easy to repeat.

I have tried many different types of swings over the years and The Stress-Free Golf swing is by far the best and simplest.

So if you want to hit the ball further and straighter, go here to check out The Stress-Free Golf Swing. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended

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Starting A Streaming Career On Twitch

Read our Ultimate Twitch Streaming Guide for everything you need to get started, from basic hardware requirements to tips from the pros on how to keep viewers happy. With a few exceptions described below, you will stream most of your games on a laptop or gaming desktop PC.  You will need a few things and we will tell you what they are. 

Choosing a game

You may be tempted to start streaming one the most popular games, and that might be a good idea if it’s a game you really enjoy and are good at. However, you may want to start streaming one of your favorite lesser popular games instead, since it could be more likely you’ll be found when someone looks up that game.

Fortnite has long been one of the most streamed games on Twitch, as well as Minecraft, League of Legends, and GTA5. These are all great choices if you want to stream a more popular games. If you want to stream yourself playing a game like Grand Fuck Auto, Sex Emulator, or the other NFSW games that are Sex Games Report, while that may attract many viewers, you’ll have to find another platform, since Twitch doesn’t allow adult content.

Re-Streaming to other platforms

As we all know, Twitch and other platforms are on the rise. The following list gives a brief introduction to some of the other larger platforms. Selecting a streaming service and setting up your streaming channel is the first and most important thing you want to do when streaming. 

To start your career, you’re probably going to stream on Twitch and get some viewers. Get your numbers on D.Live, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Restreaming is an easy way to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

Social Media

Post frequently on your social networks to get more fans, and retain your current ones for some easy growth. Streaming is 100% a fun thing, but there’s other work to be done if you want to start a streaming career.

If you try it, you won’t just get a lot of people to come to the games you’re streaming. Your audience will engage, learn how you’re a good streamer, and you’ll reap the rewards.


A little preparation can save a lot of sweat. Set up your workspace for streaming, schedule your sessions, consider and write down the most important things you all want to communicate. Plan the timing of the stream, so you can focus on playing and communicating with your audience.

This gives each artist a little more leeway to try out their own approach, and it’s worth seeing which approaches have been used for the most successful streams, including on the game side. For Bengtson, the desire to help like-minded artists develop their own skills is a major attraction. 

Successful streamers

There are huge streamers like Shroud, Pokimane, Disguised, Toasted and more on their respective platforms, and they all have lucrative deals and partnerships. 

For three-and-a-half years, Kaitlyn Fox was a professional StarCraft player who streamed casually. It was a modest income – she earned less than $8,000 a year. In fact, it wasn’t even designed as a streaming service. Twitch was there to fund her medical school. But for Fox, it wasn’t about making a fortune. 

It’s easier than ever to make money on Twitch. Take Fox’s experience in 2015, before the Twitch affiliate program even existed. According to Fox, it’s easier to get subscribers on Twitch now than it was a few years ago. 

After six months, she earned so much money that she had to give up her job. She thought she was trying to go back to university, but realized it was going too far, so she kept streaming in exchange for bartending shifts and more time on Twitch. After nine months of work, she is now full-time. 

Streamers like Cultivate, F4F and Channel Watch have all pulled a 180 and tried to go legit, and they’ve found partners with their viewers. Despite the exhausting nature of trying to be noticed on Twitch, many streamers have started at zero and now are very successful.

Final Thoughts

Streaming games is an interesting hobby, and for some, a very rewarding career, especially if you love games and have a pleasant personality. The streaming business is booming and Twitch is becoming one of the largest websites on the Internet every day, with over 10 million people watching streams every day.

Starting a career as an influencer? How To Make Money On TikTok

Looking for a side hustle or way to make money other than TikTok for Sex or OnlyFans which specialize in selling nudes, which won’t be great for your corporate career? Check out this short guide which will show you exactly how to make a career as a TikTok influencer.

What is TikTok?

TikTok, or Douyin as its known in China, is the biggest and most widely used short-form video platform in the world, according to The Daily Beast. It was founded by and is owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance. It allows users to upload and view short-form video clips, tagged with relevant keywords, in any genre and location. It can be viewed on both iOS and Android platforms. Find out more at Related: Top 7 Apps You Need To Install For Apple Watch What is TikTok influencers? TikTok influencers are able to share their own content and up-and-coming personalities (known as content creators) can earn money on the platform. As per the Fader, TikTok influencers make between $200 and $2,500 per up-vote and $5,000-$25,000 per one-hundred-up vote.

How to start?

The first thing you should do is create your first video. And when I say “first” video, I mean the first one you made. Think about the video you made right after you learned how to use Facebook. Or maybe the first video you made when you decided you wanted to start filming in HD. If you want to do this, I suggest you to go through your old videos and pick the one which captured your attention most. Make it about a subject or topic that resonates with you. But don’t focus on making the best or the prettiest video – start with one you’re passionate about and follow your interests. And maybe have a friend to be your co-director or something. It’s fine. This is YouTube, not Instagram. Pick a topic. If you’re at a fashion school, maybe try out some runway walks or how to style clothes.

What is the TikTok app and how does it work?

TikTok is a video-sharing app that came out last September in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is similar to (which was known as Lizzy Wang) except TikTok is focussed on short-form content. When users first create a TikTok account, the app automatically imports their Instagram and/or Twitter accounts, meaning your already active social media feeds are now merged into one app. The company is so big right now that it has broken records and made the first $1 billion valuation in a 10-day span and has continued to rack up a $1bn valuation. How does TikTok monetise? TikTok is entirely monetised through in-app purchases.

What are the steps to make money with TikTok?

Step 1: Sign up and create your first account Step 2: Choose an icon Step 3: Tell your story Step 4: Customize your profile Step 5: Introduce yourself Step 6: Share Step 7: Follow Step 8: Pay your own bills Step 9: Enjoy the perks of being an influencer Whether you are looking for a side job or as a way to boost your bank balance, there’s plenty of ways to make money as an influencer on the popular video sharing app TikTok. Online media and entertainment company Business Insider rounded up some of the most popular TikTok influencers and their social media followings — then compared them to their income. Business Insider then turned to Instagram for the average monthly rate of $55,000 for creators on the platform.


To sum up, this is the best and most important strategy and the best strategy on how to make money on TikTok. With it, you can make a quick $50 per thousand views. The rest of the work depends on you. You are going to have to be ready to do all this to gain the best platform where you can make an incredible amount of money and get access to a whole lot of people.

Careerbuilder Challenge Unveils New Spectator-Friendly Amenities To Welcome Fans Of 2016 PGA Tour Event

The new home of the CareerBuilder Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation – the TPC Stadium and Jack Nicklaus Tournament Courses at PGA WEST – not only means new challenges for some of the game’s greatest players, but new and fun ways for fans to watch those players.

Golf fans watching the 2016 CareerBuilder Challenge will enjoy a spectator-friendly experience as they watch the world’s greatest golfers navigate the deep bunkers, water hazards on nine holes, railroad ties and other creations from the fertile design mind of architect Pete Dye on the Stadium Course.

Along with the return of the Bob Hope Club presented by H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation, Bob Hope Square and Club 17 presented by Hyundai comes two Oases – one on the front nine, one on the back – better sightlines for spectators throughout and a liberal dose of Adirondack chairs spread among both PGA WEST courses.

Official rounds for the event, which features a $5.8 million purse are scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 21 through Sunday, Jan. 24, with Sunday’s final round returning to the Stadium Course for the first time since 1987.

“The Stadium Course was designed to allow fans maximum opportunities to see their favorite players and once again, with our enhanced hospitality venues and the perfect nature of this course for walkers, we will provide our fans plenty of ways to see and experience the CareerBuilder Challenge from an up-close-and-personal viewpoint,” Tournament Director Bill Tait said. “Our Oases are built to not only provide an extra level of comfort and services, but to provide fans with views of several holes without leaving that venue.”

The Oases are a new amenity designed to provide fans with unparalleled, three-dimensional views of the action.

Perched on elevated mounds on the Stadium Course, both feature upgraded concessions and bathroom facilities and table-and-chair seating.

The front-nine Oasis offers views of the second green in the distance, the third tee, the fifth fairway and the eighth tee. The back-nine Oasis offers great views of the 12th green, the entire 13th hole, the 15th green and the 16th tee.

The always-popular Bob Hope Square returns again with a phalanx of food trucks, giving fans a place to unwind, relax, enjoy the latest culinary creations and take part in a host of interactive golf games and promotions.

This year’s Bob Hope Square, however, will surround the practice putting green, so fans will be able to stroll around, eat, drink and watch the players practice putting.

Bob Hope Square also provides views of the range and the first and ninth holes of the Stadium Course.

“You’ll be able to have a lobster roll and watch putts roll on the putting green or the ninth green,” said Managing Director Scott Easton.

Also returning for the fourth year is Club 17 Presented by Hyundai. This time, however, Club 17 will give fans a bird’s-eye view of the Stadium Course’s notorious par-3 17th hole — “Alcatraz.”

The sports-bar atmosphere will once again be a popular gathering place to watch players take on one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking holes on the PGA TOUR. It also provides views of two other holes: the 16th green and the 11th fairway.

“Imagine stepping onto the 168-yard 17th hole with a true island green tied for the lead. It makes for one heck of a finish to an exciting tournament,” said PGA WEST General Manager Chad Johnson.

The Bob Hope Club presented by the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation will give fans a bird’s-eye view to that exciting finish.

Perched above the 18th hole of the Stadium Course, the Bob Hope Club provides the pinnacle of hospitality, with catered food from some of the top restaurants in the Coachella Valley, a fine beverage selection, comfortable seats and one of the best seats in the house to watch players finish their rounds.

One of the biggest changes from previous years is on that 18th hole. Tournament officials made it possible for fans to watch the action from right around and behind the hole – another amenity the Stadium Course provides spectators.

Desert Classic Charities Donates $925,000 To Coachella Valley Community

LA QUINTA, Calif. – Desert Classic Charities, the local nonprofit entity that organizes the CareerBuilder Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, will host their annual Charity Check distribution event today at the Boys and Girls Club of La Quinta where they will donate $925,000 to Coachella Valley nonprofit organizations based on the success of the CareerBuilder Challenge PGA TOUR golf tournament held in January.

Included in the total contributions for 2015 is a donation of $295,000 presented to Eisenhower Medical Center, the event’s primary charitable beneficiary since its inception in 1960.

“We are very proud of our role in helping establish Eisenhower Medical Center as one of the nation’s premier medical facilities, but something else we take a great deal of pride in is our role in benefiting so many wonderful organizations throughout the Coachella Valley,” said John Foster, Chairman of the Board of Desert Classic Charities, the philanthropic arm of the CareerBuilder Challenge.

“These organizations and the efforts of the tireless and selfless people who work for them make such a difference in the lives of so many people throughout the Valley.”

During the past 56 years, the event has generated more than $56 million in donations to Eisenhower Medical Center and charities within the Coachella Valley.

The tournament, now in its 57th year, returns to La Quinta Jan. 18-24. This 72-hole event features 156 professionals taking on the TPC Stadium Course (host course) and the Jack Nicklaus Tournament Courses at PGA WEST and La Quinta Country Club. Once again, the City of La Quinta is the host city for the tournament.

Representatives from the Desert Classic Charities with the assistance of several prominent community figures will announce the recipients of this year’s tournament-related donations.

As is customary, the Desert Classic Charities donations are presented to nonprofit organizations in three categories:

  • Structured Programs for Children
  • Rehab, Social and Support Services
  • Food and Shelter for the Hungry, Homeless and Abused

In addition to Eisenhower Medical Center, 39 local nonprofit organizations will receive gifts from Desert Classic Charities.

In the Structured Programs for Children category, the recipients include: Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Desert; Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City; Boys & Girls Club of Coachella; Boys & Girls Club of Indio; Boys & Girls Club of La Quinta; Boys & Girls Club of Desert Hot Springs; Boys & Girls Club of Mecca; Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs; Coachella Valley Boxing Club; The John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation for The Ophelia Project; Pathfinder Ranch and Tools for Tomorrow.

Beneficiaries in the Rehab, Social and Support Services category are ABC Club; the Alano Club of the Desert; Angel View Children’s Foundation; Coachella Valley Autism Society; Desert Arc; Desert Cancer Foundation; Guide Dogs of the Desert; Pegasus Riding Academy; Neuro Vitality (formerly Stroke Recovery Center); Visiting Nurses Association for Mourning Star; Ranch Recovery Center and United Cerebral Palsy.

Three new organizations added this year are Volunteers in Medicine, a medical clinic in Indio and Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the American Diabetes Association.

The 13 organizations in the Food and Shelter for the Hungry, Homeless and Abused group include Coachella Valley Rescue Mission; Father’s Heart Ranch; F.I.N.D; Fish of the Lower Coachella Valley; Food Now; Galilee Center; Joslyn Center for Meals on Wheels; Martha’s Village and Kitchen; Mizell Senior Center; Olive Crest; Operation Safe House; Shelter from the Storm and The Well In The Desert.

The 39 charitable beneficiaries and the attending golf fans who helped make those donations happen were treated to scintillating golf in 2015.

Bill Haas is the defending champion of the CareerBuilder Challenge, having birdied the 71st hole to break a six-man logjam and pull out a one-shot victory.

It was Haas’ sixth career PGA TOUR victory and his second in the event. He vanquished a field that included fellow 2015 Presidents Cup competitors Zach Johnson, Patrick Reed (the 2014 event champion), Matt Kuchar, Phil Mickelson, Chris Kirk, Danny Lee and Steven Bowditch.

Mickelson Will Serve As Ambassador For Careerbuilder Challenge

LA QUINTA, Calif. (May 18, 2016) – The PGA TOUR, Desert Classic Charities, and CareerBuilder announced today that World Golf Hall of Fame member Phil Mickelson will serve as an official ambassador of the CareerBuilder Challenge beginning in 2017.

In this capacity, Mickelson will promote the tournament and participate in various functions during tournament week. The CareerBuilder Challenge traditionally is the PGA TOUR’s first tournament on the mainland following two weeks in Hawaii to start the calendar year.

“I’m very excited to undertake the role of tournament ambassador and look forward to doing what I can to help with the continued growth of the CareerBuilder Challenge,” Mickelson said. “Our family loves the area and we have a home in Coachella Valley, so this is a natural fit for me.”

In addition to Mickelson’s new role, it was announced that the Clinton Foundation, which has partnered with the tournament for the past five years, will end its official role with the tournament.

The Foundation and the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, however, remain committed to continuing their work in the Coachella Valley to improve the health and wellness of the nearly 400,000 local residents, and the Health Matters Annual Activation Summit will continue in a new location next year.

“I have treasured the opportunity over the last five years for the Clinton Foundation to be part of this storied tournament that honors Bob Hope’s legacy of service in the Coachella Valley,” said President Clinton, Founder of the Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States.

“I’m honored that we could build on that legacy by working with dedicated partners to bring great golf to the desert and improve the health and wellness of nearly 400,000 local residents.

I look forward to continuing the Foundation’s work in the Coachella Valley, and to seeing the exciting new chapter of the tournament’s history that will be written with Phil Mickelson joining on as a partner with the PGA TOUR, Desert Classic Charities, and CareerBuilder.” 

In place of the health conference, a new annual labor market and job skills conference organized by CareerBuilder, the TOUR and Desert Classic Charities will be held during tournament week beginning in 2018.

“Core to CareerBuilder’s mission is helping workers find their passion—in good-paying jobs that enable them to provide for their families and raise up their communities,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “We are thrilled to have a long-term partnership with Phil Mickelson as we underscore this mission through the tournament.

In addition to being a Hall of Fame golfer, he is a great humanitarian and the personification of what the CareerBuilder Challenge is all about.

His foundation’s commitment to education is well-aligned with our focus on empowering employees, and we look forward to working together to make a difference in the lives of others.”

“We wish to thank former President Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for the significant work they have done since 2012 to impact the CareerBuilder Challenge and the entire region,” said John Foster, Chairman of the Board of Desert Classic Charities, the tournament’s host organization. “We have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship we have had and, particularly, the personal interest and involvement of President Clinton.

We are also pleased that the Foundation will continue its health-related charitable efforts here in the Valley and that we will further benefit from the employment-focused efforts CareerBuilder is bringing to the area.”

NBC Sports Broadcast Team Returning To The Careerbuilder Challenge For The First Time Since 1998

Golf Channel on NBC’s Dan Hicks, Johnny Miller, Roger Maltbie, Gary Koch and lead golf producer Tommy Roy will be returning to familiar territory this week in the California Desert for Golf Channel’s tournament coverage of the CareerBuilder Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation.

All were members of NBC Sports’ broadcast team for the 1998 Bob Hope Classic, the last year it was televised by NBC.

A two-time winner of the event (1975-76), Miller also returns to the tournament where he began his broadcast career when he made his on-air debut as an analyst in 1990.

Hicks (a tower announcer in 1998) and Miller will serve as play-by-play host and analyst for Golf Channel’s weekend coverage, rotating with Steve Sands and Curt Byrum.

Lead golf producer Tommy Roy also returns to the tournament where he began his NBC Sports career, working as a volunteer runner in 1979 and making his debut as a golf producer in 1993.

Golf Channel will air live coverage of the CareerBuilder Challenge Thursday-Sunday from 3-7 p.m. ET.


CareerBuilder Challenge in Partnership with the Clinton Foundation

Dates: Jan. 21-24
Venue: PGA West (TPC Stadium and Nicklaus Tournament Course), La Quinta, Calif.
La Quinta Country Club, La Quinta, Calif.

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern):

Thursday3-7 p.m. (Live) / 10:30 p.m.-2 a.m. (Replay)
Friday3-7 p.m. (Live) / 10:30 p.m.-2 a.m. (Replay)
Saturday3-7 p.m. (Live) / 10:30 p.m.-2 a.m. (Replay)
Sunday3-7 p.m. (Live) / 8 p.m.-Midnight (Replay)

Broadcast Notes:

Hicks and Miller join broadcast team for weekend coverage: Golf Channel on NBC’s Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller will join the broadcast team for weekend coverage, marking the first time since 1998 – the final year NBC covered the Bob Hope Classic – that the duo will be calling action at this tournament.

Miller returns to familiar venue: Johnny Miller made his broadcast debut on NBC at the Bob Hope Classic in 1990. The 1990 tournament also was where Miller made his first – and now legendary – “choke” reference, directed at Peter Jacobsen, now part of the broadcast team and a colleague of Miller’s. Jacobsen, playing this week at the Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai, is scheduled to call-in during weekend coverage to recount the 1990 event.

Mickelson making 2016 debut: Two-time CareerBuilder Challenge winner Phil Mickelson makes his 2016 debut this week, his first competition since the 2015 Presidents Cup.

Format: 156 professionals will play alongside amateur golfers over 72 holes (the event was previously played as a five-round, 90 hole event.)

TPC Stadium course returns to rotation: For the first time since 1987 and the second time in tournament history, the TPC Stadium Course at PGA West joins the rotation of courses. For the first three rounds, all three courses (TPC Stadium, Nicklaus Tournament and La Quinta CC) will be used, with TPC Stadium hosting the final round.

Haas defends: Bill Haas defeated five players by one stroke to earn his sixth career PGA TOUR win and his second at this event.

Headlining the field: Phil Mickelson, Zach Johnson, Patrick Reed, Bill Haas, Zac Blair, Paul Casey, Luke Donald, Jason Dufner, Matt Kuchar, Ollie Schniederjans and Steve Stricker.