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Ryan Blaum - Quick Quotes

Ryan Blaum

Quick Quotes - Thursday, January 19, 2017

Q. Pretty good way to finish with a birdie on the last.
RYAN BLAUM: Yeah, I flagged a wedge from 140 and flew probably 145 or so. But it was a good putt, dead center cup, great way to finish.

Q. We saw you play a lot today, because you were in the group ahead of us. You were putting good all day long, weren't you?
RYAN BLAUM: I was. I got off to a good start. I think I had, statistically, a lot of 1-putts on the front nine. Putts from the fringe doesn't count and to hole out a bunker shot, that always helps. But overall it was a good solid day.

Q. You teed off, you kind of missed the worst of the weather, don't you think, with you guys having the last tee time?
RYAN BLAUM: Yeah, I was watching the weather this morning and I was very thankful that I had that 10:30 tee time. It looked like it was actually going to break and I might not have played in any rain whatsoever. I played in a little bit, but I was definitely fortunate today with the weather.

Q. What's the feeling now looking ahead? Obviously more rain tomorrow, maybe after lunch, does that even come into the thought process at all?
RYAN BLAUM: Only thought process that comes into is what to put in my bag and what to wear. Other than that, it's just golf and everyone's got to play in it.

Q. Did you feel here at La Quinta you had to go low, because this is the place everybody says, I got to go low at La Quinta?
RYAN BLAUM: I didn't, but I felt like La Quinta fit my game pretty well. So I was kind of licking my chops on this golf course. I feel like as long as you're in the fairway, it just comes down to iron play, and I've been hitting my irons really well this year so far and I was able to give myself a lot of looks.

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