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Phil Mickelson - Quick Quotes

Phil Mickelson

Quick Quotes - Saturday, January 23, 2016

Q. 6-under par 66. So much has been made of the work that you've done and changes you've made. As you played these three days, how would you assess the improvement and the comfort factor in what you're trying to do?
PHIL MICKELSON: It's been a good three days, it's been a good start. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's round. It feels fairly easy. It doesn't feel like I'm fighting anything. Like I say, when the club's on plane it just swings a lot easier. But what I'm trying to get back is the touch and the nuances of hitting, working the ball and distance control and all the subtleties. But I have, all those subtleties that I've had in the past, they haven't been working the last couple years and the plane has slowly gotten off. But as I work to get it back on, it's starting to feel easy again.

Q. How do you make a Sunday charge at a venue like this when you know a lot of low scores are going to be out there from other guys, not just yourself?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, I don't feel as though this is a similar final round course like we have had in the past. Where, in the past, you can get away with some wayward shots and still shoot in the 60s. But if you come out here and play a little sloppy, you're going to shoot in the mid to high 70's. It's a very penalizing course for anything less than perfectly struck shots. But you do have the ability to go low, you do have the ability to shoot 6-, 7, 9-under par here. But you have to play really good golf, you can't let it slip anywhere. And I think sometimes, when you have a lead, that's difficult to do. Sometimes your mind wanders and you start to see the trouble and you hit a few bad shots and the next thing you know you're making bogey and double, and you start pressing. So that can easily happen and it is my job to get myself in position, if I can just play a good solid round tomorrow, if that does happen.

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