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Patton Kizzire - Quick Quotes

Patton Kizzire

Quick Quotes - Thursday, January 19, 2017

Q. Second year player on the PGA TOUR, congratulations on your first official round of this calendar year, a 65. How would you assess your play and really what was the key out there?
PATTON KIZZIRE: The key was a hot start. I birdied the first three holes and that kind of got it going. And I was able to stay as patient as I could. And I went through a little lull there, but got picked it back up with a few birdies and carried it into the back nine and all around pretty good day.

Q. You're second on TOUR in strokes gained putting, you must love coming to these kind of greens that are so pure.
PATTON KIZZIRE: Oh, yeah, these greens are pretty sweet. I made a few putts there early. I had a few tap-ins. So that was big. But putting's definitely my strength and that's something that I lean on.

Q. Any momentum changes out there on the course, any key shot that I kind of kept things going for you?
PATTON KIZZIRE: I had a nice up-and-down on 18, which was my 9th hole. From the bunker made a nice little clutch about 6-footer for par.

And then had a nice par on the first hole, which was my 10th.

That really kept the round together and kept it going. And then I was able to get back on the birdies.

Q. You get out of the chute strong. Birdie the first three holes. And then I really admired your patience with pars on the next seven before you ripped off another three birdies in a row.
PATTON KIZZIRE: Right, yeah, I missed a few opportunities there later in my first nine that were a little frustrating. But the first three holes, making birdie there, allows me to be really patient. That's one of the keys for me is to get off to a really good start. I'm not exactly a patient person, so, a hot start helps me be patient the whole day.

Q. I thought you were able to cobble together some pars which were really good to keep the round going. And you had a sandy par at 18, you had a sandy par at 3, and that par you made at the first was really good.
PATTON KIZZIRE: Yeah, those were huge. Those were momentum savers. That was -- I hit a few nice bunker shots or one nice bunker shot here on the 18th, and that was good.

And then made a nice clutch par on number 3. Nice clutch putt.

So that was, those are huge. Those are as big as the birdies.

Q. How did the rain affect the golf course? Did it affect any of your through lines or any mud balls?
PATTON KIZZIRE: We didn't have any mud balls today. The course played a lot longer. We were hitting longer clubs into the greens and hitting more club off the tee and it made the course a lot different than it normally is, the perfect conditions that are normally out here.

Q. You opened so strong, second place at the Safeway Open, then a few missed cuts in a row, any adjustments during the down time?
PATTON KIZZIRE: I got together with Todd Anderson and Randy Myers during this off season and just addressed a few things. Nothing major, just kind of making a plan and sticking to it and we're going to stick to the plan for the full season. I feel like last year I didn't stick to my plan and this year that's the focus. And I've been at home competing a lot with my buddies, who are really good players, so I've been in tournament mode. Getting out here is just a change of scenery and just same ole, same ole.

Q. What was the key to the 65 today?
PATTON KIZZIRE: The key was a hot start that allowed me to stay patient and a few key saves there in the middle of my round and got back on the birdie train there on my back nine, which is the front nine. And I had a nice round.

Q. What's the biggest challenge of playing three different courses on three different days as you're going to have to?
PATTON KIZZIRE: Preparation. Luckily, the golf courses are in similar condition and you are able to dial yourself in on the greens with the green speeds and the type of turf, so it's not a big adjustment, just preparation, seeing the golf courses, picking the lines and remembering where to hit it.

Q. You started this season back in October, obviously the wraparound season the PGA TOUR now has, with a great second place finish, but then some missed cuts. What's going on with your game?
PATTON KIZZIRE: The missed cuts weren't really telling about how I was playing. I knew my game was there, I just put a little too much pressure there on myself after the second place finish. I think I was trying to press a win from the first tee shot. And that's not how you win. So, I sat down and told myself that I was going to be really patient and just play my game and see where it puts me. Because that's what's allowed me to have success.

Q. Davis Love broke his collar bone skiing. You were skiing with him just before. You guys don't normally take those sort of risks.
PATTON KIZZIRE: No, we don't. We got out there on one of the slopes and we told ourselves we were going to take it easy. I feel really bad for him. But I know he's on a quick road to recovery and I'm wishing him well and he'll be back.

Q. You had a great rookie season, how do you reflect on that season?
PATTON KIZZIRE: I would say it's a semi-successful rookie season. I didn't win. Winning was my goal. I fell short just a little bit. But I think it's something to build on. I'm really gaining experience, which is the key out here. I gained a lot of confidence from that rookie season and it's something to build on for my second year.

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