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Michael Kim - Quick Quotes

Michael Kim

Quick Quotes - Thursday, January 19, 2017

Q. 66, you have to be very, very pleased.
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, really happy with the start. The weather kind of held up pretty good in the afternoon and I played solid golf, just hit my iron shots really good and gave myself plenty of opportunities.

Q. You teed off a little later than some of the guys who really felt that brunt early. That had to be an advantage, too.
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, seemed like the hardest stuff came down right when I was warming up. And right when the group in front teed off kind of was the last front, really. It was pretty easy sailing for us for the entire day.

Q. You gave yourself a lot of birdie chances. I was looking at proximity to the hole there. Iron play was very good today, wasn't it?
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, I didn't hit that many fairways, but the rough isn't too penal out here, so gave myself plenty of opportunities. The greens were soft enough where you could hit it pretty close.

Q. When you start at La Quinta, is it kind of a mindset I got to go low here, because this is where they usually take advantage.
MICHAEL KIM: Right. Certainly less water than the Stadium or Nicklaus. So, you don't want to put too much pressure on yourself, but this is kind of the course where you want to make your birdies, especially with the weather that's coming up the next few days. So, very happy to get the start I had.

Q. Looking forward to the rest of the week, I guess.
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, looking forward to it. See if I can play a little better tomorrow.

Q. How would you describe your start out here?
MICHAEL KIM: It's a really good start. Shot a bogey-free 6-under which always works out on TOUR here. I'm very happy with the start.

Q. We saw a lot of low numbers at La Quinta. Why would you say that was the case today?
MICHAEL KIM: The greens were fairly soft, with the rain. Fairways are fairly generous, not a lot of rough. Greens are perfect. So, you could, if you were playing well, you could definitely score out here.

Q. A lot of guys have never seen it rain out here for this event. How much does that change your approach for the week, given that rain's going to be in the forecast?
MICHAEL KIM: You just kind of have to take it shot by shot, day by day. I was expecting a little more rain, actually, this morning, but overall it was pretty nice. Hopefully, we can grind out a good 18 holes tomorrow.

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