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Martin Laird - Quick Quotes

Martin Laird

Quick Quotes - Friday, January 20, 2017

Q. 10-under par for two rounds is extremely good golf. I want to take you back and just look at yesterday's scored card and point out you made 2 at the par-4 10th and then you started at the 10th and made 2 at the par-4 10th again. Tell us what was going on.
MARTIN LAIRD: That was nice. Yesterday was a nice little one to hole a sand wedge there on 10.

And then starting out on 10 today, it's one of the harder holes on the course. I had a nice drive and had a perfect number for a full wedge and it was surprising to see it disappear again. I was saying to my partners, I don't think I holed out once last season and I did it twice in two days, so obviously happy with that.

Q. 25 putts per round average is your stats. Have you putted particularly well?
MARTIN LAIRD: I only hit 10 greens yesterday, so there's a lot of 1-putt saves for par. I'm putting pretty nice, especially today. I felt like yesterday I maybe missed a couple, but today I holed a couple nice mid to long range ones, which always helps. But playing really solid, I feel like all aspects are pretty solid.

Q. This season starts back in October. You had three starts before Christmas and this one. Every round you played has been under par so far. What's clicking in the game?
MARTIN LAIRD: Everything feels pretty good right now. End of last summer I really started hitting the ball nicely and then towards the end of the year my short game kind of followed suit. And it's nice when you feel like all aspects are not necessarily great, but all at least good, you don't have to rely too much on one part of your game. And that's kind of how I feel right now. So obviously looking forward to playing golf.

Q. Do you like birdiefests like this or where par is a good score, which one do you prefer?
MARTIN LAIRD: I probably prefer the harder test, where par's a good score. But it's always nice and fun to open up the season somewhere where you can make a few birdies and normally have nice weather. It was okay today, until the last few holes. But I generally probably would prefer the harder courses, but it's always nice starting here.

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