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Martin Laird - Quick Quotes

Martin Laird

Quick Quotes - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Q. Assess the round. How it went for you today.
MARTIN LAIRD: It was average, I would say. I didn't play bad, just didn't play very good. Didn't really make any putts. I drove the ball well, but my iron game was no good, didn't give myself too many good looks, and when I did I didn't really seem to make any. But it was a little trickier today with the breeze, first day we have had any wind, really. But still didn't shoot myself in the foot, but it was a solid day, not great.

Q. What's kind of your approach to tomorrow? Kind of in the hunt there.
MARTIN LAIRD: I actually have no idea what scores are.

Q. You're four shots off the lead right now. It's pretty tightly packed. 10 guys up there.
MARTIN LAIRD: I have no idea, because there's no leaderboards out there, so.

Q. I'm telling you you're four off right now.
MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, go out tomorrow and kind of same as I did the other day when I played the Stadium Course, I played well there. So, go out and do the best I can and see what happens.

Q. How much more difficult do you think they can make the Stadium Course with the hole locations tomorrow versus the first time you played it?
MARTIN LAIRD: A little combination of a couple tees they could probably put back a little bit. I think they knew the first few days tees up a couple holes and a couple easier pins. They can make that course as hard as they want if they hide the pins. I don't know if they will do that, I think we got a little more weather coming in tomorrow. But looking forward to it and we'll see whatever they throw at us, we'll go and try and beat it.

Q. The weather, you're used to playing in some wind and rain. Are you hoping for bad weather? Do you think you might have an advantage?
MARTIN LAIRD: I'm not hoping for it, I have lived over here long enough and played this TOUR long enough where I'm used to good weather now. But if it comes, it comes. I'm definitely more used to playing in it and probably not as bothered by it as some people may be, just growing up in it. But I don't think anyone ever wishes for bad weather. It's nice when it's sunny out here, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Where would you rate your form as of now early in the season here?
MARTIN LAIRD: I'm playing nicely. I've been playing nicely for awhile now. I was looking forward to getting started, after my break over Christmas. Glad to be back out here and played really nicely the first two days. And then today I was just a little off, but I'll sharpen that up for tomorrow. And I would say all aspects of my game feel good, there's not one part that I really feel is letting me down right now. So that's obviously a good thing when you feel like all aspects are pretty good.

Q. Do you have an expectation heading into your first start of the year here as to what you wanted to do?
MARTIN LAIRD: Just play well. I didn't have an expectation in terms of coming in where I want to finish. I knew I was playing well and I knew if I came out and kept doing what I've been doing the last few months, there would be a chance to be in the mix on Sunday. And if I'm four back, that's most definitely the case, so go out tomorrow and have some fun.

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