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Player Interview

Jerry Kelly

Quick Quotes - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Q. Making it look so easy out there today. Five birdies, three of them on par-3s, two eagles, just one bogey. It was fun to watch from our perspective. What was it like from yours?
JERRY KELLY: I don't think I've really gotten to this golf course, but we rarely play it with no wind. So I was really excited to play this one, because the new ones that we have, they're a little longer than other ones for me. So, I figured I needed to get out there and get it while I could. And then see if I can keep a roll going on the tougher ones.

Q. You bring up an interesting topic. With the addition of the Stadium and Nicklaus Courses, did you have a feeling when you hit the tee today for your opening round that you had to get this golf course to have success this week?
JERRY KELLY: I think so. Because those seem to be long. They were playing very long for me on Tuesday. That was after a red eye on Monday and things like that. So I'm hoping it's not quite as long as I made it play in that practice round. But I hit my first shot with a driver and I hit it down the middle and I was like, oh, give me my wedge. And, what, 6-iron? Oh, there we go, 6-iron.

Q. How do you make the transition smoothly from a golf course like this to a golf course that you just said is going to be a bit beefier tomorrow?
JERRY KELLY: The grass is the same. That's the thing that makes it play similar. There were still some long holes out here. I mean, in the past, this has been the tough golf course. So it was strange just how the mindset changes when this becomes the so called easier one and you have to get it. I was able to get it, but normally this is the toughest one in the rotation, so. But it's just strange. Our minds are just so messed up.

Q. You had it going the right way today. Speak about your round some.
JERRY KELLY: Well let's see, I made one eagle all of last year, so I doubled that in my round. And I had one in Hawaii. So I've tripled my eagle total of last year already. So, I was very happy with the way that I struck the ball. I had some good chances coming in. I lipped out a bogey, I had some other lipouts for birdies, but overall it was just solid golf.

Q. Some mojo coming in the top-10 in Hawaii last week. Speak to the differences under foot. You got Bermuda out there and you come to the desert.
JERRY KELLY: That is my favorite grass, meaning Waialae, obviously. I love to have the ball skid off of my putter. A lot of guys want to see it roll right away, I like to see it skid. I'm a little more of a pop stroker. So when I come here and there is absolutely no skid and I can hear the ball leave the putter head, I'm like, oh, am I topping it, what am I doing. But it's just the difference to the grass and I'm not adjusting my loft or anything, so I just got to make sure I hold my angle solid and hit solid putts.

Q. La Quinta is kind of the position sort of golf course, you got to put it in play off the tee. Two big golf courses upcoming. Your thoughts to what's upcoming at the CareerBuilder Challenge.
JERRY KELLY: Well, it's a bigger golf course, but I'm able to hit driver a lot more. Visually it's intimidating compared to this place but it's really a little more wide open. So I'll be able to hit driver where a lot of guys might be laying up. Lucky me. (Laughter.) But I just -- it's still going to be mid irons into greens and instead of wedges, which I'm used to that, so this is kind of like normal golf compared to what we normally play in the desert.

Q. Can you just give us some details on the eagle, clubs, etcetera. How far you had.
JERRY KELLY: Yeah, I actually had I think 267 on the second one and about 260 on the first one and I mean that's, those are long 3-woods for me, especially in this area, which the ball doesn't seem to be going very far.

Q. How close did you hit them?
JERRY KELLY: I hit them like about 12 feet and eight feet. Then I hit just two fantastic 3-woods, best ones I've hit since I've owned the club, so.

Q. And just the par-3s, you made three birdies on the par-3s today?
JERRY KELLY: Par-3s, I only remember the last one right now. Where I hit a cut utility 3-iron to about four feet. I kind of liked that one, too. The other ones, you got me. We would be sitting here a long time if I was trying to figure those out. Rev #1 by #176 at 2016-01-21 23:27:00 GMT page 1 of 2

Q. It was a fun day though.
JERRY KELLY: It was a fun day. You try and help the amateurs and that kind of takes your mind off your own game. You just go about your business.

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