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Jason Gore - Quick Quotes

Jason Gore

Quick Quotes - Friday, January 22, 2016

Q. Great round of golf. 8-under, minus 12 heading to the weekend. Your thoughts on how you played today? Couple of nice runs, four in a row on one side, three in a row on the other.
JASON GORE: Yeah, it shocked the heck out of me, too, to be honest with you. But, no, I just putted it well. I've been struggling with my swing, but I'm starting to get it back. We're working on it a little bit. But I haven't been hitting it the way I wanted to. But I, when I hit it close today, I took advantage of it. And these greens are so pure and you got ideal weather out here, you just have to take advantage of it and try to hit your lines and go from there.

Q. 15 greens, that's strong any time you play golf, was that one of the keys today?
JASON GORE: Yeah, maybe I'm just hard on myself. Maybe 15 greens is good and I just didn't think very much highly of it. But maybe I just don't, maybe I'm not realistic. But, yeah, I actually hit a bunch of good shots and that, but, yeah, you just have to, when you're playing in a dome like you do here in La Quinta, it's, you have to hit it close and especially when everybody's making birdies and you just have to go out and try to do the same.

Q. There's not a lot of score boards out on that Nicklaus Tournament course, did you ever kind of wonder where you are? Did you look and see how well you moved up the leaderboard?
JASON GORE: Don't care. Don't care. You just got to keep your head down and keep barreling forward and just try to keep doing the same old boring cliche, just do one at a time and just worry about the next shot you're going to hit, because it's the most important one you have, and just keep moving forward. You can't control what they're doing, you can only control one thing, and that's what you're doing right there at that moment and just try to hit it and make a good swing.

Q. Stadium Course for you tomorrow, what's your history there and your thoughts on having that part of the rotation now?
JASON GORE: Well, my history of these two golf courses is, I'll tell you one thing right now, this place is a heck of a lot easier playing in this tournament than it is in Q-School. So that being said, I'm looking forward to going out and playing Stadium Course and it not being Q-School. So, the Stadium Course is one of my favorite golf courses. I'm a southern California guy and growing up here I think I played it right when it first opened, I might have been 13 or 14, and just being in absolute awe of it. And just watching it on the Skins Game. I think I was standing somewhere around the 17th tee when Trevino mace his hole-in-one there during the Skins Game. So that place has got a lot of childhood memories on it. So it will be fun to go out there and play and not be in Q-School.

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