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Player Interview

Jamie Lovemark

Quick Quotes - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Q. Talk about your day.
JAMIE LOVEMARK: I drove it great. Took advantage of the par-5s. This course is a little tight and I was pretty aggressive off the tee, hit a lot of drivers, hit them straight, and left myself some good opportunities on the par-5s and some short wedges.

Q. Positive mojo with your game right now and a big part of that is you being healthy. But obviously it's the work you've put in to get your game where it needs to be. How confident are you right now?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, I'm confident. The ball's doing what I envision it doing, which is good. Short game has been solid. So off to a good start and played well last year, so hoping I keep playing well and keep progressing.

Q. Do you like playing this aggressive style of golf that's needed to have success out here where you got to make a lot of birdies?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: I do. I love hitting driver everywhere. It's not my straightest club, but as straight as a three wood, and I hit it pretty far. So the style of golf nowadays is to be aggressive, hit driver a lot, and I would rather be have a wedge in the rough than 160 in the fairway, so.

Q. You blitzed driver down the first and clipped a lob wedge in for a three and the rest of the day kicked itself off.
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, a great start. The course sets up well with me a lot of doglegs right and I like cutting the ball. So, driver down the first to 65 yards and hit it close.

Q. A little birdie tells me that because of the range setup you don't get to hit drivers before you go. It's an interesting play, given the fact that the first hole is a par-5 out there.
JAMIE LOVEMARK: I hit a few drivers on the range. So nothing different than college. I was telling my friends in college I never warmed up before a round. But I always hit irons out there.

Q. 10-under week at the Sony, so, clearly, the game is going in the right direction for you.
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, I think so. Overall, the trend's been good the last year. Keep putting in the hard work and keep doing the things I'm doing and we'll see where we spit out.

Q. Now, La Quinta is a bit single file. Do you like to go with a driver, your outlook on the courses as we move into the rest of the CareerBuilder Challenge?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: You can be really aggressive off the tee. There's some holes I do hit iron off of, but for the most part a lot of drivers. The Nicklaus is tomorrow, I haven't been out there, I drove a few holes. And Stadium is tough. It's a lot harder than the Palmer last year. I expect the scores to be a lot higher. A lot of water, a lot can happen. The par-5s are a lot tougher.

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