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Jamie Lovemark - Quick Quotes

Jamie Lovemark

Quick Quotes - Sunday, January 24, 2016

Q. Assess your week.
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Good. Very good. I think not the best of final rounds, but my first time in the final group, so wasn't sure what to expect and now I know. So I'll go from there.

Q. But doesn't that give you a lot of confidence going forward?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, it's a good solid week. Hit it good, hit it well, short game was good, so a lot to build off of. I got along year ahead of me, so I got to move on and move forward.

Q. How about this California swing and looking ahead?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, no doubt. Going home next week to San Diego, that's awesome. Haven't been there for awhile, unfortunately. And then a couple more events in California. So looking forward to the next four.

Q. Does it give you a little built of home court advantage down there, do you think?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: You would think so. It's a great place to play. Lucky to go there.

Q. How did the course setup or the course conditions today versus the first time?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Firmer, faster. A little hotter today, ball was travelling, better pins, it was a few shots harder for sure.

Q. Any holes out there in particular that stick in your mind where you might have dropped something?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Three doubles. Those stick in my mind.

Q. What do you feel like you might have learned today?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Tendencies. Tendencies when I'm under the gun, a little nervous, unsure. I hit it a lot better coming down the stretch. Tighten some things up on Tuesday and get after it again.

Q. It really does make a difference experiencing this kind of pressure. Next time you really should know what to feel, right?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Definitely. I'll be all set. So next time I'm there, hopefully next week I'll finish it off.

Q. How would you rate your form overall right now?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Very good. Very solid.

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