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Greg Owen - Quick Quotes - Sky

Greg Owen

Quick Quotes - Sky - Friday, January 20, 2017

Q. 67 yesterday, bogey-free. 16 greens in regular laying. So quality ball striking. 67 again today. How did the play compare?
GREG OWEN: My iron play was better today than yesterday. I missed a couple of the par-3s. You can see, this one here on 3 played a little tough when I played it this morning.

And then on 8, I just had it run through the back. Had this delicate little chip and just didn't quite catch it as I wanted to.

But other than that I hit a lot of balls close. The only putt I really holed was on the par-5 here from like 15 feet. Other than that it was, 3, 4 feet all the time. It was pretty good today.

Q. You weren't initially in this tournament. When you did know that you got in?
GREG OWEN: Yeah, I got to thank John Cook for keeping me updated. He actually came to me on Tuesday and said he was feeling his shoulder a little bit, he wasn't a hundred percent. Wednesday at 2:30 he confirmed that he was withdrawing. So he gave me a little heads up, which was nice then, so I could really mentally prepare. And then 2:30 on Wednesday I was officially in.

Q. Saying at the top of the show that you finished outside the top 125 last year. So limited starts this year. But you started in great fashion. Safeway, you finished second, you you're going well again here. Has it sort of given you a real focus, when I get a chance, I've got to go well.
GREG OWEN: Kind of. It's a little weird, because I'm actually enjoying the fact that I'm not going to be having a full schedule. Because last year I played so much and didn't play well. So, I'm hoping there's going to be a little less quantity and more quality this year. I've just got a good feeling, my putter is working well right now and that's holding me up. I'm not missing the ones that I have missed in the past and it just gives me momentum that saving pars when I need to and then making the chances when I hit it close.

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