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Francesco Molinari - Quick Quotes

Francesco Molinari

Quick Quotes - Sunday, January 22, 2017

Q. Terrific round of 67. 2-under par through two rounds and at the weekend, if we look back at yesterday's card, a beautiful 66, and then today that 67. What was the difference in your play?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: I think just getting a bit of the rust off. Obviously, I've taken six, seven weeks off, so the first two rounds were a bit up-and-down, it's a bit hard to go back straight into scoring. So, I was playing well pretty much all week, I struggled a bit on the greens, especially the second round, and yesterday especially on the back nine they started to drop, which was nice.

Today I just kept playing well, hitting some good putts. So, yeah, very nice weekend.

Q. Your coach, Denis Pugh, is sitting back in the studio, but your other coach Dave Alred is just behind us. Tell us a bit about what Dave does with you.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: It's not easy to explain. He basically helps me practice in a productive way. I think I grew up doing really repetitive practice and since I started working with Dave, I've gone a little bit away from that and it seems to be helping.

Q. We have assembled a stat here of your recent performance since the end of last year. You can see the last four starts there. A win at the Italian Open and three other sort of top-6 finishes. What's been the key then? That work or anything in your game that you feel is particularly good?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, I think it's been a few things coming together. Obviously, the work with Dave has helped. Obviously, the work we have didn't doing with Denis all the past few years. We reached to a point where, luckily, most weeks I show up and I feel that the swing is in good shape. So that's part of it, too. Yeah, then just confidence. The win in Italy, obviously, was massive, especially because I didn't play my best golf on the back nine. So, to win that way, it was a first for me and I think it kind of helped in the weeks following as well.

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