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Dominic Bozzelli - Quick Quotes

Dominic Bozzelli

Quick Quotes - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Q. Got off to a hot start, you backed that up with a couple of really nice rounds. What were the keys to your strong play these last few days?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Definitely putting. I've been riding a hot putter these last couple days. Ball striking has been okay, but when I've been getting in trouble, I've been doing a good job of getting out and been scrambling well all week.

Q. You mentioned the changing conditions out there and you were able to keep your nerve and keep things together coming down the stretch. How are you going to prepare for tomorrow? This is new territory for you, you're going to be close to the lead if not in the lead headed into the final round?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Just keep doing the same stuff I've been doing. I've been trying to get in this position for the last 15, 20 years, so it's exciting to be here and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Three straight round in the 60s with that fist pump on the with that wind howling it was hard to get in the house.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Yeah, it was. It was switching all day on that back nine. It really got tough. So pars were a good score on a lot of holes out there and didn't want to give one back on 18, so I was pretty pumped I made that.

Q. When you look back on it, the three birdies in your first four holes, how critical was that, because then the wind machine just turned on and it was really hard to manage?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Right, it was perfect when we first teed off. Those first couple holes, probably 4 or 5 it started picking up. But to get three out of the gates like that, kind of get ahead and it's easier to play when you're out in front. It definitely was big.

Q. You had to make some testers coming in, some clutch saves over the last two days now. What does that give you going into tomorrow, knowing where your putter is right now?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: It's always nice to be putting well. The lines, I'm seeing the lines real well and it just feels great in my hands so keep rolling with it.

Q. You got the win last year on the WEB.COM to get you to here. What do you remember from that that you're going to lean on tonight?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I just remember I stayed patient that whole day. I'm only concerned with what I'm doing out there. It's kind of irrelevant what other guys are doing until the last few, so, just kind of get lost in what I'm doing.

Q. Three rounds in the books right now, you're sitting pretty good. How do you feel about it?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I feel really good. This is where I practiced to be and it's always good to be out in front. Looking forward to getting going tomorrow.

Q. Your record coming in the last few events hasn't been all that great. What did you draw in your break time over the holidays to bring this out?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Honestly, just some rest and getting away from the game. That fall series came at a tough time of the year, I was trying to get healthy with the shoulder last year and just really wasn't in a good spot mentally. I feel like in the later part of last year and it took about two, three weeks off and I'm excited to practice again and excited to get back out here. So, mentally I'm in a good spot.

Q. For those who may not follow the WEB.COM TOUR, they see your name going into tomorrow, tell us a little bit about your background as a golfer and how you got to this point this week.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I grew up in Rochester, New York. And it's great during summer times up there, but as you know it's a little cold in the wintertime. So I went to college at Auburn University and really progressed as a player at Auburn. Nick Clinard, my swing coach, kind of tightened things up for me. And the biggest thing is I've been seeing improvement each year, so, hard work usually pays off and that's what I tried to do.

Q. What are you going to draw on tomorrow to get you into the winner's circle?
REPLACE NAME: I won on the WEB.COM last year and it's still golf, it's still 18 holes, so, just kind of focusing on what I'm doing out there, because everything else is kind of irrelevant.

Q. What was the shoulder injury?

Q. Terrific third round of 69. This is just your sixth PGA TOUR event. It's your first experience of contention. How was it emotionally out there today?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: It was great. I felt comfortable, just trying to get lost in what I'm doing out there. When I've been getting in trouble, been doing a pretty good job of getting out of it, and riding a pretty hot putter right now.

Q. You are indeed. Let's show you one or two of the highlights from the day. Second shot here to the 2nd. Describe this one for us.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Yeah, smoked a drive off the tee, had like 104, I think, playing a little downwind. Just hit a smooth 55 degree and -- oh, it lipped out.

Q. It did, yeah.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I had like five or six feet left up the hill, broke right-to-left.

Q. You hit a great recovery shot here at the 5th. Did you have options?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: My caddie, he talked me out of -- at first I wanted to go through that gap and then I was thinking about going over. But it was into the wind and I didn't want it to just balloon up in the air. The lie was kind of bare, so didn't need to be a hero there, just said to kind of try to hook it around. And the wind was going that way, too, so it kind of helped me. It was like a ground draw. When it hit the green, it kind of worked a little bit left and it was a nice 2-putt. So no sense in being a hero.

Q. You played practice rounds with Jason Dufner, who is the defending champion this week. Was that useful? Did he give you one or two pointers as to where the pins might be and how to approach them?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Definitely. Just little things here and there, pretty basic. Just where pins are and maybe certain clubs off the tee where it could be one of two things. So, yeah, for the most part pretty basic. He's been a big help these last few years, even when I was at Auburn, he kind of would hang around the team when he was off the road. He's a good dude.

Q. They say you have to truly believe that you can win on the PGA TOUR before you can do it. Is tomorrow your day? Do you believe you can do it?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: That's why I teed it up this week. I've been working to get in this position for the last 15, 20 years, and I'm excited to be here and see what I got tomorrow.

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