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Dominic Bozzelli - Quick Quotes

Dominic Bozzelli

Quick Quotes - Friday, January 20, 2017

Q. Your impressions and your assessments about today's round?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: It wasn't my best today, but I was able to save par, made some pretty big par saves throughout the round and kept it going. Actually pretty lucky, that weather held off a little bit longer than I thought it would. So all in all glad we got it in and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. How thankful are you to get this in, all 18?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I woke up this morning and it looked like 60, 70 percent all day and, I don't know, it was clear, sunshine, and I was surprised it didn't start until like 16 or something like that. So pretty cool.

Q. Talk about being bogey-free through 36 holes now here. Your consistency.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Thank my putter. I made some nice eight to 10-footers today. That really, around the middle of the round, it kept it going. I was able to chip in on 10 and kind of stole one there. So, I'm going to start hitting it better at some point this week, so I'll go get some rest and get back at it tomorrow.

Q. Number 10, that scramble, talk about that.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Yeah, it just didn't turn over for me off the tee and it went through the fairway into ground under repair. I think it's like, I don't know, some cable boxes or something over there. And I took a drop, had to punch it under the tree. And it was a pretty good shot, it just went through the green, maybe two, three yards. And I got a little help from the collar there, kind of chased in there. I'll take it.

Q. You mentioned your putting kind of saved you a little bit today. Has that been an overall theme for you as to what's been working for you the first two rounds?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Definitely. Been putting the ball pretty well. These greens are perfect out here, so, if you hit a good putt, it's going to go in.

Q. Talk about your position and how you feel about it. One shot back.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: It's a good spot to be in. This is where I'm trying to be. But still got two more rounds and I'm not really getting caught up in what other guys are doing out there, so just kind of stay with what's been working so far and do it again tomorrow.

Q. Jason Dufner, like yourself, couple of Auburn grads, right?

Q. He's defending champion. Are you guys friendly, do you guys talk?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: We actually played all three courses together this week. When I was in college, when he would get off the road -- he still lives there in Auburn -- and he would come out to the facility and was always real helpful with the team. And it's cool that a guy like that gives back to the program and obviously stayed in contact these last few years since I turned pro. He's a good dude, I like him.

Q. So earlier this week you guys played all three of the courses together?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Yeah, we played 18 here, 18 at Nicklaus, and then just nine on Wednesday at stadium.

Q. What did you glean or what did he teach you as the defending champion?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I don't know, he just gives you -- no, we had a good time. We played some games and little things here and there are where the pins are going to be, stuff like that. So, pretty basic. It's just fun to play with him. We gave each other a hard time back and forth.

Q. You were lined of laughing through it. Like there's something you want to tell me but maybe you're not sure.
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I can't tell you right now.

Q. Did he give you any local knowledge or tips for playing these three courses?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: Yeah, definitely. Winning here last year, biggest thing is just knowing where the pins are, knowing where you can miss it and whatnot. We both know how to play golf, but just little things on how they set up the course.

Q. Last night you were sleeping on the lead in your PGA career for the first time. What kind of night was that?
DOMINIC BOZZELLI: I had a bunch of texts coming in from back home, but it's only one round out of four. So luckily sleep is something that I never have a problem doing. So, I got plenty of sleep last night and ready to go today.

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