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David Lingmerth - Interview

David Lingmerth

Interview Room - Sunday, January 24, 2016

MARK WILLIAMS: Like to welcome David Lingmerth to the interview room at the CareerBuilder Challenge runner-up for the championship. Second hole of the playoff, hit some strong golf over the weekend, 62, 65, but can you just talk about that final shot on that second playoff hole.

DAVID LINGMERTH: Yeah, the second shot there on the second hole, maybe? Yeah, just the rough is a little heavy in some spots and it grabbed my club a little bit more. It really wasn't a bad swing, I don't think, I should have probably choked up a little bit more on the grip, that would have probably, yeah, helped me not have the grass grab it so much. So it turned the ball over and it was a really not a bad swing, just a small mistake that was very costly. So a little disappointing. MARK WILLIAMS: It's obviously a lot of disappointment when you defeated in a playoff, but there's got to be some positives you can take out of this week.

DAVID LINGMERTH: Yeah, I played really solid all week long, actually. Both first two rounds I shot 4- under, 4-under and I was pretty disappointed with my scoring. But tee to green, all week long was very, very solid. I gave myself tons of opportunities and proud of the way I battled this weekend, I was able to post a couple low rounds there and put myself in, yeah, in the playoff there. So, yeah, all in all, very good week, just very disappointing now with the way it ended.

MARK WILLIAMS: One last thing before questions, when you walked off the green on your way here, your fellow Swedes Freddie Jacobson and Jonas Blixt were there. There's a lot of camaraderie between you guys, that must make you feel good in that situation.

DAVID LINGMERTH: Yeah, they're such great guys. The guys that I've looked up to growing up playing golf the last few years before I got out on TOUR, players that -- and they're so friendly and just the fact that they wanted to stay and cheer me on and even after I lost now they were very supportive and it's good to have a group of guys like that on your back.


Q. You started the last day five shots back, was it always in your mind that you could make that up on that golf course?
DAVID LINGMERTH: This Stadium Course would be probably the tougher out of all the three courses, so I knew if Jason kept on playing the way he had been playing, first three days, it was going to be really tough. So, I was just trying to focus on keeping my play the way I had been playing and if Jason for some reason didn't keep scoring the way he did, I was hoping to have a chance. But I was really just trying to focus on keeping my momentum going and just see what happens.

Q. Can you talk about the challenges of playing the 18th hole here because of the water on the left and those bunkers, you guys kept kind of going away from the water on those drives in the playoff. Talk about how difficult this is as a finishing hole.
DAVID LINGMERTH: Yeah, no, it's a pretty tough finishing hole. It remind me a little bit of 18 at Shell Houston, too, which is also a very tough finishing hole. I like to cut the ball a lot, so having that water on the left side and pretty much having to start it right on the edge of the water there, it's a little intimidating, so I did a great job of it with the tee ball there in regulation, both today and the first round. But erred on the dry side here in the playoff a little too much and, yeah, that rough got me there the second time.

Q. Essentially you played this same hole three straight times. By the time you're to the second playoff hole, is it getting more difficult or is it making it easier?
DAVID LINGMERTH: Well, it's still the same hole, but the conditions changed a little bit because the temperature dropped a lot. The sun was setting and I was actually kind of cold. My hands were freezing. So I'm sure the hole played a little bit longer over the playoff than it did in regulation. We probably had a little downwind in regulation too and the wind kind of died down as well. So it played a little longer in the playoff, but that was the main difference.

Q. This is your second runner-up at this event I think in four appearances, what is it you like about this event or area? It's different courses, obviously.
DAVID LINGMERTH: I don't know. It's nice to come out here. The weather is always perfect for golf. If you're feeling good, if you're swinging it well, and everything, it's pretty good. You can shoot some numbers out here, which is fun. So, I like to go out here and try to post some low numbers. I think I was 25-under that first time, too. I don't think I've been better than 18 or 19-under in the four day tournament anywhere else but here. I've been 25 a couples times here. It's nice to come out here and challenge yourself to some really low scores. I enjoy that.

Q. Did you have a reaction when Jason's ball looked on 17 that it was going to be in the water?
DAVID LINGMERTH: I have no clue really what happened back there. I just heard -- well I tried to pay attention a little bit, so I didn't hear a big roar or anything after the tee balls. Then I hear this humongous roar after I guess he chipped it, right? From what I hear. And he hit the pin or something. But I knew something was going on. But I didn't know he, if he made a birdie or ended up making a par. I didn't know what was going on, I just heard a really loud roar and that was right before I hit my second shot, so I was able to glance up there and the board and see that he had finished 17 with a par. So I knew that a birdie on the 18th would put me in a really good position, but I wasn't able to convert.

Q. The putt he made on the first playoff hole, those are the kind of putts that champions need to make, right?
DAVID LINGMERTH: Right. Yeah. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum here this time, that was kind of the putt that I made on top of Justin Rose there at the Memorial. Yeah, like you said, if you want to win, you should be able to knock those in and he did a good job.

MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks very much and good luck the rest of the season.

DAVID LINGMERTH: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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