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Danny Lee - Quick Quotes

Danny Lee

Quick Quotes - Friday, January 20, 2017

Q. I was getting messages from your round telling me about some terrific short game and great putting. He said that you made a ton of putts within 10 feet all day.
DANNY LEE: Yeah, obviously I shot 8-under today, everything went well, I putted, I been working on my putting a lot, but mainly I actually took a full month off after World Cup in Australia, it seemed like my head wasn't in the right place, I was very disappointed about my season, so I just decided to take a full month off and that's the first time in my life, ever since I touched my golf club. And that definitely really helped. I'm very happy with where I'm at. And I was a little bit iffy before the tournament started, because it was my first time taking a month off for an experiment and I was a little nervous, what am I going to shoot in my first tournament of the year and the first round. But I shot 5-under yesterday and I was very pleased with that and it seems like everything's working great.

Q. You said a month off experiment. How did you spend that time for a month? What were you doing with your self?
DANNY LEE: Just catching up with the family and just hanging out with friends back home and stuff. I just had fun. I had two weeks to prepare myself and I've been working out pretty hard and been working on my game a little bit and it seems like it's showing up pretty good.

Q. Do you feel like the month off was more due to mental fatigue or do you feel like you're experiencing some burn out?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, a little bit of both, I think. Especially mentally, I was just very unhappy with the way I played and just nothing seemed like it was going my way. Sometimes -- it wasn't really a bad year last year, it just, towards at the end I think I got burned out a little bit and my body wasn't feeling great. I had to take a couple WD's after I made a cut, after Friday, I took a couple of WD's on Saturday, because I wasn't feeling well. So, that's one of the reasons I took a month off and I feel fresh right now.

Q. So what was your approach and your expectations coming into this tournament? What was going to be a good result for you?
DANNY LEE: Just trying to break 80. Seriously. Trying to not shoot something overly ridiculous, since I'm playing with the amateurs. And just somewhere under par. I wasn't really expecting to play well here, it was more of an experiment tournament and I wasn't thinking about anything.

Q. Now that the experiment, I would say, has gone pretty darn well, I believe you're tied for second heading into the third day, you move back to the PGA West and the Nicklaus Course, I don't know how many times you played this tournament out here, but going into your third round at that course, what's your assessment of how that track plays out for you?
DANNY LEE: I think just go out there and experiment again, I guess. I got nothing in my mind.

Q. 8-under here then, given what you said, no expectations, 8-under kind of then rain and sloppy conditions, is this one of you are better rounds that you've shot in a while anywhere?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, I haven't really shot a low score since, I don't know, whenever, but it's definitely a good way to start the tournament and start the year and just very pleased.

Q. Those two weeks of preparation you had, anything that you were concentrating on in particular with your game?
DANNY LEE: A little bit of swing change and work on my posture with my putting and stuff, but nothing major.

Q. How well does La Quinta make you look in terms of putting? I know that all the players like it.
DANNY LEE: It seemed pretty awesome to me, after I shot 8-under today. Obviously, you have to make a lot of putts today to shoot 8-under, which I did, and it was good.

Q. How do you rank the conditions of these greens compared to other tournaments you play on TOUR?
DANNY LEE: It's probably one of the top conditions out here. Greens are rolling really nice and conditions are not bad, actually. I thought the weather was going to be a lot worse than this today, but it wasn't actually bad at all.

Q. How thankful are you that you're able to get the round in without any stop a guess or hard rain?
DANNY LEE: I actually wanted to play in the rain, so I could experiment with myself.

Q. You wanted to play in the rain?
DANNY LEE: Yeah. Hopefully, it rains tomorrow.

Q. Do you see yourself as a good, bad weather player, someone who can take advantage of the conditions?
DANNY LEE: Nothing like that, I just want to try whatever I do right now and just I like to challenge myself at the moment.

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