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Colt Knost - Quick Quotes

Colt Knost

Quick Quotes - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Q. That long putt on 18, you kind of put the pressure on him to finish that up.
COLT KNOST: He played great all day. It was fun to watch. He's played pretty good all three days. We kind of got the rough end of the deal with the weather, playing our first six holes Thursday in the rain, and then coming down the stretch yesterday in those brutal conditions. Is he leading? I don't know. Yeah, he makes double on the last yesterday, playing in that hurricane. So he's playing great. Obviously, it was a special round today.

Q. When did you start thinking about what he had the potential to achieve?
COLT KNOST: Probably when he birdied 12. 9 through 12. I was like, he could do it, because he still had a par-5 left and I knew the one long hole, 14, was playing downwind. But he was just driving it so good all day and these greens are so good, you get a lot of chances, you're going to make a lot of putts and he did.

Q. As his playing partner what's the protocol?
COLT KNOST: Just keep doing what we have been doing. We have been talking all week. We always talk when we play. So, I kept just trying to make it the same way, have fun with it and just talk to him and treat it like it's a normal round.

Q. Did he make any comment coming down the last stretch here?
COLT KNOST: He knew where he stood, yeah. He was kind of joking about it. He knew where he stood. He was just focused on what he was doing. He did a great job. It was fun to watch.

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