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Boo Weekley - Quick Quotes

Boo Weekley

Quick Quotes - Thursday, January 19, 2017

Q. Great start, this is almost duck hunting weather, not desert weather. You had to feel pretty comfortable out there at the start.
BOO WEEKLEY: No, ain't nobody never comfortable when you're having to play golf when it's raining and a little cool like it was. It's a great start, best start we have had all year, so it feels good to actually come out and actually get ahead a little bit.

Q. We were debating, if you trust the weather forecast, today might be the best day of weather we get over the next couple. Getting on this course, is that good to get it out of the way in the nice weather?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, we were very fortunate that it just rained a little bit this morning and then cleared up for us as the day progressed.

Q. That run in the middle, that really jump started your round. Just irons dialed in, good numbers, what was it there?
BOO WEEKLEY: I just made some good putts. We have been struggling a little bit with putting and struggling a little bit with hitting and just kind of got it all together there in the them four holes and it just worked.

Q. What are you going to take from today, confidence-wise, and carry into tomorrow?
BOO WEEKLEY: Just know tomorrow's tomorrow. You play three different golf courses, so just got to go out and stay focused and concentrate on hitting the fairways and greens and if you got good numbers, you can get a little aggressive.

Q. Are there any adjustments with three courses in the rotation or is everything pretty straightforward and in front of you.
BOO WEEKLEY: No, it's straightforward in front of you. A lot of guys out here, veterans, we played it enough, you kind of know where to hit it and miss it. And there's a couple holes out there you just make your par and get out of Dodge, just be happy that you made your par, because it's them holes that can make your round or turn your round backwards.

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