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Bill Haas - Quick Quotes

Bill Haas

Quick Quotes - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Q. Bill Haas looking to join only Arnold Palmer as a guy whose won the CareerBuilder Challenge at least three times. What a way to start. Eagled your first hole and then you carded that 66 after. How would you rate your performance today?
BILL HAAS: Ball striking I think I left a lot of room for improvement, which is a good sign. Obviously I was able to get it in the hole and make a few birdies. But, yeah, to get off to a start like that, certainly was nice. And then just didn't do a whole lot, but had a nice little run on the back and got to 7-under. Unfortunately, dropped a shot. But 6-under is a nice way to start.

Q. Last week you continued what has been a Haas family tradition, your dad Jay flew out to the desert and you hooked up with him, Uncle Bob Goalby, also you worked with Billy Harmon, your swing instructor. When you guys worked on your game, dad getting ready for the Champions Tour event in Hawaii, what does that do for you mentally as you prepare for the year, working with your dad?
BILL HAAS: He's the guy that I've listened to my whole life and it's always nice to pick his brain of, say, why I'm hitting a certain shot that I seem to be hitting more often than not. But, I don't know, I enjoy playing golf with him, I learn a lot from him, and so it's not a better way to prepare for a tournament than having him watch you.

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