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Bill Haas - Quick Quotes

Bill Haas

Quick Quotes - Sunday, January 24, 2016

Q. Coming in, obviously you wanted to win it, come up a little bit short, but how did you feel out there?
BILL HAAS: It felt okay. I think this weekend I think I could have done it, could have won. My putter was pretty good all week, so I think I did enough good things around the green, I just I think tee to green I wasn't quite sharp. But I got to take positives away from it. Any time you hopefully top-10 and I am close to that, so taking good things away from this week and I always enjoy coming here to the desert, so to have a good finish, had a makes me feel good.

Q. A lot of talk coming in about how tough the Stadium Course was going to be, but it looks like 25-under is going to win. It didn't seem to be that tough for you guys out there?
BILL HAAS: I think if you play well, which the leaders are obviously playing the best golf, I don't think this course is that much harder than the PGA West, the Palmer Course. Just because both courses have trouble, both courses have their tricky holes, and then they both have holes that you have to feel like you need to get. Because they're a little bit easier. So, I think you just see good scoring all around on the PGA TOUR. Every week it seems like 20-under is winning and this week is no different. So, guys are just playing really good golf and we were blessed with perfect weather, no wind, and that's part of the reason the scores are so good.

Q. What's next for you?
BILL HAAS: Next week in San Diego. So, take the good, hopefully the good feelings from this week up there and have a good week.

Q. Is this something you can build on this performance today? Obviously or this weekend?
BILL HAAS: Yeah, I think so. 12-under the first two days and only, I guess I was 8- or, 7-under on the weekend. So, disappointed that I didn't do a little better on the weekend, but overall plenty of positives to build on the next coming weeks.

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