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Bill Haas - Quick Quotes

Bill Haas

Quick Quotes - Saturday, January 23, 2016

Q. Always nice to have Bill Haas here. Talk about the early part of this round first of all. Obviously you know out there it's going to be a birdiefest, you need a hot start. You got it. As you were putting for eagle at 5. Were you pretty happy with the day so far?
BILL HAAS: So far. I actually thought I made this putt here to really what would have been a great start. Still, 3-under through 5 at that point I'm feeling pretty good. But as you can see, it wasn't as much fun the rest of the way.

Q. Very unusual to not seeing you make more red numbers in the desert. What was going on?
BILL HAAS: A few loose shots. 6, I actually had a good lie in the rough and tried to hit a 3-wood up by the green and it hit the cart path right of the green. It wasn't a horrible shot, it wasn't great, but I thought it was going to be fine and kind of got in a bad position and ended up missing a short putt for par. Then, after birdieing 10, that bounce back, I was, all right, here we go. Shoot 2, 3-under on the back. I wasn't able to do that. But I made a nice save on 18 to make me feel a little bit better tonight.

Q. You're always smiling. You've won this championship twice, you know what it's like to be out there on the final day when there are eagles and birdies flying about. Try to explain to the viewers what's like.
BILL HAAS: I think it's fun. That's why we all play is to make birdies and eagles and that's what makes golf fun. We beat our heads in too many times out here on these really difficult golf courses, so I think as a leader or even chasing, that's fun golf. If you're leading, if you're Jason Dufner, at least you know you're going out to play a course that you're probably going to make four or five birdies on and that's comforting to me. So I think he's sitting pretty. We obviously would like him to back up and then I'm eight back, I think, so going to need a crazy day tomorrow to even have a chance.

Q. You've made a lot of money out here, but your dad has nine wins and 30 million dollars, so you have some work to do.
BILL HAAS: If it was a contest I'm losing in the family and I know my role. I'm No. 2 in golf in my family and always will be and I'm happy to be that way. Certainly not trying to chase him I'm just trying to be, stay young enough to compete with these young 20-year-olds.

Q. Back to back 6-under and then a 3-under today, how did it feel out there today?
BILL HAAS: It felt good. That course is a little more difficult, but it was a day, again, with no wind, and I think even the Stadium Course, if you drive the ball well and play nice, you can still shoot a really low number. I just wasn't able to do that today. So, I backed up, maybe too far back to win again, but still a lot to play for tomorrow. If I can go out and shoot 6-, 7-, 8-under, tomorrow maybe can have a good finish.

Q. You said you backed up maybe too far. You're eight shots off the lead. What's the mindset heading into tomorrow?
BILL HAAS: Well, obviously I got to think -- if I shoot 10-under, I'm at 25. So always he's got to do is shoot 2-under to tie me. So, chances are, I don't think I need to, I'm not going to press and say, all right, I got to birdie every hole, because I think then you can get in trouble and I certainly don't want to go back the other way. So, just keep playing like I'm playing hit some quality shots and if some putts go in early then you start to maybe change the game plan later.

Q. A lot of talk about the Stadium Course coming in. How did it play for you?
BILL HAAS: It's certainly more difficult. I think it's got some longer holes, the greens are much more difficult to get the ball close than some of the other courses, but all that does is separate the guy that plays the best from the next guy. So, with that said, you're seeing the guys playing the best win the golf tournament right now.

Q. Lastly, seemed like you're having fun out there. How was it today overall for you?
BILL HAAS: Yeah, it's, when you're playing well, it's more fun. That's the way it goes usually. But struggled coming in. I wish I could have made a few more birdies. I think if I'm at 18 or 19, I got a realistic shot. So, disappointed I didn't make a few more birdies coming in, but I always love playing here in the desert, people are great. The weather is -- it snowed this morning back home where I live, so this is a, I'm happy to be here.

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