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Bill Haas - Quick Quotes

Bill Haas

Quick Quotes - Friday, January 22, 2016

Q. 2015 champion, what did you think when they decided to take away your two golf courses that you really liked?
BILL HAAS: Yeah, I was disappointed, but with that said, just to have a tournament here in the desert, certainly that was the way it was going to have to get done was to have them out here. And they're great golf courses. I think we're blessed this week right now so far with good weather. I think if you had some wind, these two courses, the Stadium Course and Nicklaus Tournament would be much more difficult than what you're seeing the scores being shot. But in the future I bet we go back to the Palmer Course, but as it is, this is what we're dealt with, and hopefully I can play decent on the weekend.

Q. When was the last time you played out here? Did you factor the wind on any shot today?
BILL HAAS: Maybe like saying, if anything, it's down and it's not in. But not necessarily making a difference. For two days now it's basically been dead still. But that's what you expect here when you come to the desert. I get why people want to play golf and live here.

Q. What do you think about the Stadium Course? Have you gotten to play it many times?
BILL HAAS: A few times. I did Q-School there back in 2004 and I played a practice round on it the other day. So it's just a little more demanding off the tee. I think if you drive the ball well out there you can get that course, just like any of them. So hopefully off the tee I'll be sharp tomorrow.

Q. Jason Gore says playing the Stadium Course and it's not Q-School on the line, it's not such a tough golf course.
BILL HAAS: I can see that, yeah, you don't feel nearly as much pressure. But come Sunday down the stretch, I think you'll get a little bit of those feelings if you're in the hunt, so it will make for an exciting finish.

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