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Adam Hadwin - Quick Quotes

Adam Hadwin

Quick Quotes - Friday, January 22, 2016

Q. Bogey-free through 36. Obviously things are clicking for you this week. Just a couple comments about the 36 holes so far?
ADAM HADWIN: Everything's been great. I've hit it so well. Haven't gotten in any trouble. I think my stats say I'm 86 percent hitting fairways right now. So that's always a key to playing well. I'm giving myself lots of putts. I made a few longer putts yesterday and didn't make the longer ones today. But I saved myself when I needed to, making all the short putts when I need to, and just really in a good rhythm right now.

Q. Is there anything that you've been working on that has really come around or have you just overall been steady and you're just rolling with it?
ADAM HADWIN: I haven't really worked on anything too much. I just kind of got into the routine the start of the year, well, I would say mid December, kind of just started working on things and it's just nice to see kind of everything coming together. Everything seems to be pretty good. When you go bogey-free for 36, it doesn't matter what golf course, you're doing things right.

Q. Last question, you obviously you're fond of this place you won here in 2010, what is it about this area that suits you well?
ADAM HADWIN: Well, it's very friendly to Canadians. I think we double the population in the wintertime. But I won a Canadian TOUR event in 2010, my first Canadian TOUR event. So, yeah, comfortable, lots of support down here, lots of Canadians coming out the last couple days to watch, so it's always nice to hear some cheers.

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