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Adam Hadwin - Quick Quotes

Adam Hadwin

Quick Quotes - Saturday, January 23, 2016

Q. Rare is the occasion where you walk off with 64 and you might feel like you left a few out there. Was that the case today?
ADAM HADWIN: I don't know. I probably could take it apart and say that. But I made a lot of good putts today, I hit a lot of good shots, I'm swinging at it great, and I put myself in a position that I can challenge for the golf tournament, so, no, I didn't.

Q. Johnny Miller said earlier he said probably the most beautiful part of this game is the ability to handle nerves. What do you expect out of your self tomorrow from the nerve standpoint?
ADAM HADWIN: I've been in this position before. Back in the 2011 I got in the final group at the Canadian Open and I think I handled them very well and had some success. So I'm going to be nervous, but I've hit it so well all week, I got a pretty good rhythm going here, so kind of keep that going, maybe make a few putts early and take the nerves away.

Q. What an exciting day for you, what an exciting week it's been. Let's starts with the 29. Take me through that opening nine.
ADAM HADWIN: I don't remember much, to be honest. I think I was asleep. I can't even remember. I missed one on the first and then, but, yeah, remind me.

Q. Tell me about the eagle. You remember that, I know.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, of course. No, I hit a great second, a cut 3-wood that didn't quite get up on top of the green, which left me just a perfect kind of eight yard chip straight up the hill. It went in dead center. Scott and I were joking, he asked if I was going to take the pin out for dramatic effect and I said, of course, and then sure enough I chipped it in. So we had a good laugh about that one. Then I really just caught fire with the putter, hit a lot of good putts and it added up to a 29 at the end of it.

Q. I was a little concerned of how you would respond to a bogey at the par-5 15th. We had you at 245 to the stick and you didn't hit a good shot, you hit it in the water, you made your bogey and I was wondering if that would really have a bad affect, but you really scrambled your way to a great par at 16 and solid pars coming home.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, no, you're right, it was a complete scramble. And it's fun. We, Joe and I had talked about that hole and we are going to play it as a three-shot hole the whole time and I of course I would hit one of the best tee shots of the day and be a perfect yardage for that hybrid. And the way I was swinging I felt no issues, get it to the back of the green two putt and let's keep the pedal down. But hit a great wedge shot, just missed the putt. And things could have come unraveled there but that 16-footer on the 16th green probably saved me a couple shots coming in.

Q. You won't remember this, but I do, I walked with you at the Canadian Open about five years ago now, and you played so well, you almost won that tournament. I think you're a better putter now than you were back then.
ADAM HADWIN: Oh, a hundred percent. No, I think that's the part of my game that has improved the most. I'm getting it up-and-down, I'm hitting more lines with better speed, so it's just going to be a question of handling the nerves and making sure those putts kind of keep hitting the lines tomorrow.

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