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Adam Hadwin - Quick Quotes

Adam Hadwin

Quick Quotes - Sunday, January 22, 2017

Q. You 1-putted the last four greens, two for birdies, two for pars, to finish solo second here.
ADAM HADWIN: Thank you. Yeah, it was a good day. I think our group had a lot of fun there. Kind of finished with a fury, all three of us. Kind of a great way to have the best finish of my PGA TOUR career.

Q. We first met, no reason for you to remember this, at the RBC in Vancouver and I remembered thinking that you had an awful lot of potential, probably need to improve the putting, your whole game has improved so much in the last five years.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, and you say that and I think the putting has come the most, so it certainly keeps me in a lot of rounds and I know that I just kind of have to give myself a chance on the greens and I can do some good things.

Q. As a bonus for me I got to work with Jessica your fiance' this afternoon. You have a wedding coming up in March. Congratulations. Enjoy the moment.
ADAM HADWIN: Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Q. Heck of a week for you. How would you describe your final round?
ADAM HADWIN: A little up-and-down. I was a little disappointed, I never quite felt comfortable on the tee box. Kind of hitting it left and right a little bit and was never able to have, I guess, fairway lies going into the greens. I would have loved to have put a little bit more pressure on Hud coming up the 18th, but just to be able to get up-and-down from the lie that I had from over there was pretty impressive. And a threw a couple birdies in there and made him win it. So, big ups to him, he played well.

Q. You were kind of stuck in neutral through 15 holes. Even on the round and then you made birdie on 16 and 17. How did you dig down and pull that out?
ADAM HADWIN: Despite not feeling that great, I still was playing well. I hit some good shots, it was just a matter of giving myself some looks on the greens and I finally had a couple putts go in there on 16 and 17. It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the moment. I really enjoy playing in Palm Springs with all the Canadians. Like a second home down here. A lot of support out there and I think they kind of pulled me through and I was able to pull out a solo second.

Q. Your best finish, you have the 59, overall, what does it mean to you?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, you know, it's, I can't help but be slightly disappointed. I really wanted to come out here and kind of prove that yesterday was just kind of a continuation of some good play and kind of get it done today, but I got beat, so I felt like I did all the right things, I just a couple shots here and there and who knows what could have happened. But an incredible week, my best finish ever, so I can't be too disappointed with that.

Q. A recap of the week, some interesting things happened.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, it was all over the place. First two days, very average. Never expected to throw out a 59 on Saturday. But went out and got myself in a position to win a golf tournament and I was right in there the whole way, up until the last putt went in. So it was a ton of fun and, season's early, and it's nice to get into a position like this early on, to know what it feels like and to know that I can kind of handle it.

Q. You seemed to have a lot of success here the last few years, you were in contention here before. What is it about this area?
ADAM HADWIN: I think it's a bit of a second home for most Canadians. I'm living in Phoenix now, so a short drive away. And I get a ton of support here and they show up and it's pretty incredible. Other than that, I don't know, I just kind of happened to play well this week.

Q. Did you hear from any of the other guys that have shot a 59 overnight?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, Chip Beck reached out on Twitter, I noticed that. I was trying to skim through some messages as best I could. Justin Thomas, yeah, he was tweeting it. I think he was actually cheering me on to beat him, but it's pretty cool. It's a small club to be a part of and I think, I was talking about it last night with family and I don't think it had quite sunk in just yet what I accomplished and I think it will take a few weeks to really sink in. I was just focused on trying to win a golf tournament and now I can kind of relax a little bit and go watch some football and let everything sink in.

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